Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bust out the U-Haul

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Prospect Watch: Iowa OT's vs DE/OLB Brandon Lindsey

Saturday afternoon's game with Pittsburgh in Iowa City will have many scouts eyes on the match up between Brandon Lindsey and the Iowa Offensive tackles. You rarely get to see top prospects matched up against one another and these are the kinds of games NFL teams will go back and watch when they are making their draft day plans.

Who They are:

#7 Brandon Lindsey 6'2 250 
Brandon Lindsey is a hybrid DE/OLB prospect and a good one. He spent 2010 playing in mostly a 4 man front and excelled as a pash rusher. He wracked up 10 sacks,18 TFL, 3FF and 6 QB hurries in 2010. He wasn't a a very effective run defender as a 4-3 end but this isn't much of a concern as he projects very well as a rush LB in a 3-4. Pittsburgh's new coaching staff has implemented a 3-4 this year for Pitt and that's great news for Lindsey as he'll be auditioning at his projected position. He's already picked up 2 Sacks and 10 Total tackles in 2011 and should continue to be very productive. He's got a very quick initial burst off the line and has been very effective at threatening the edge. He shows effective counter moves as a pass rusher and rarely gets tied up with his blocker. Very good combination of speed and power. Shows a good motor and will use both power to speed and speed to power rush variations. Haven't seen him in pass drops much yet but he's a pretty good athlete for his size and should be able to at least be serviceable there. Looks to be a solid 2nd round grade at this point to me.

#77 Riley Reiff 6'6 300 & #56 Marcus Zusevics 6'5 300
Reiff is a well known commodity as an OT prospect and has a solid 1st round grade from virtually every scout and evaluation service out there. Zusevics hasn't gotten as much press at this point but many scouts, myself included, think highly of him and he carries a mid-round grade from most at this point. Both guys started all 13 games in 2010 at the OT positions for the Hawkeyes.  Reiff is an excellent athlete and is a natural knee bender. As a result he's an excellent pass blocker. Zusevics is no slouch either and shown solid improvement in his technique already this year. Both guys are excellent dealing with speed off the edge with Reiff being the better of the two against power moves. Reiff is an excellent run blocker in Iowa's zone heavy schema and is very consistent at getting to second level defenders. Zusevics also is a quality run blocker and has improved at getting to second level target in the run game.

What to watch for:
The most interesting thing to watch will be when you see either Reiff or Zusevics matched up with one on one in pass protection with Lindsey. It's a strength vs strength match-up and it should be a great one to watch. I don't expect Iowa's tackles to struggle with the initial speed moves from Lindsey but he's very deadly with his counters and that will be the focal point in this one. Lindsey will be coming as a stand up rusher rather than with his hand on the ground as he did last year and this will be the first high level opponent he faces this year. Lindsey also can cause a mismatch by hitting inside gaps on stunts and blitz packages.  I'd expect Lindsey to challenge the edge strongly and show effective counter moves. Both Iowa's OT's will need to be very crisp and clean with their technique to keep Lindsey away from James Vandenburg. If either guy makes a mistake Lindsey is going to capitalize and cause havoc. I'd be surprised if Lindsey doesn't get a sack or at least tally a few QB pressures in this one. If Iowa's guy's keep'm away from JVB all day I'll be pretty impressed. This will be a very interesting match-up to keep an eye on Saturday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Defensive Back Notes: ISU

Not a great game for the DB's out there this week. Some of the yardage they gave up wasn't really on them as the DL struggled to do anything to slow down Jantz out there. Other times there was blown coverage, sloppy footwork, and poor route recognition. This group didn't tackle well as a unit either and gave up too many yards after contact in both phases of the game.

Hyde show cased his man to man cover ability in the red zone a couple of times in this one and really looked his best matched up in press coverage over the slot. He did some good things at his safety spot and also had some rough patches, including blown coverage for a TD. If he can clean up the mis-reads and mental mistakes he could be a very good safety for this unit. Tools are all there.

Castillo had another rough outing getting picked on quite a few times in the red zone. He simply doesn't have the athleticism or size to win in jump ball situations very often. If he misses a jam he's pretty much beat because he doesn't have the make up speed to catch up or the ball skills to make a play in man turn while trailing. Not a guy you can really leave on an island very often.

Prater had a pretty quiet game in terms of balls thrown his way. The one critical one was on the 3rd and 20 and it really hurt. He picked a poor time to get a little lazy and Jantz fired a perfect ball into the hole in the coverage. Other than that ISU really didn't throw at Prater. Did miss a tackle on the big screen to Horne as well.

Sleeper wasn't overly impressive in this one either. He missed some tackles in the run game and had a few break downs in pass coverage. Got beat deep early and is lucky Jantz didn't see it. Did settle in a little bit as the game went on and didn't open the door for any more over the top stuff. Needs to raise his level of play next week.

+1 Nice job recognizing QB scramble and filling hard quickly as he put a pop on him after only a gain of 5 or so. S6
-1 Had a clean shot at the WR on the screen and fails to wrap up here, hit was too high. This ended up being a huge play that set up a TD  for ISU. S9
-1 Doesn't squeeze the vertical very well here in his cover 2 drop after letting the WR get outside of him. It's 3rd and 20 and he gets lazy playing trail on the vertical route and Jantz fires a perfect throw into that natural gap between the CB and S in cover 2. While it took a great throw to complete this, Prater was too far off this route under the circumstances. S10
+1 Great job filling in the option and just whacks pitch man for little to no gain. S12

Overall: Push

-1 Got beat badly deep over the middle. Looked to have been passed the slot WR by the shallow defender. Turned his hips the wrong way and was beat for 6 if Jantz had thrown it. S1
+1 Very nice job in run support here as he reads the sweep and closes to the LOS very quickly and limits the play to a short again. S3
-1 Flew up in run support, but didn’t break down and wrap up and what should have been a 1-2 yard gain ends up a 6 or 7 yard gain. S8
-1 Not a very good job of playing his responsibility here. Chases the TE in the slot inside when he should have released him to the inside help quicker. Was unable to get back to take away slant from Prater’s guy on the outside and it goes for a 1st down. Crucial mistake here. S13

Overall: -2

+1 Nice discipline and read the QB’s eyes very well here as he stayed deep on the post while the QB had a lot of time. S8
-1 Blew coverage here as this was a man coverage and he bailed to help on the underneath route. May not have mattered ISU had the perfect call on there, but you got to make them earn it. S9
+1 Great job breaking up the quick arrow route, man coverage behind the blitz and stopped the drive. S10
-1 Horse collared the back S12
+1 Very good job of reading the route and making a play on the ball in the corner of the endzone. Was in man coverage with the slot WR. Excellent job S12

Overall: +1

-1 Very poor positioning and technique in the red zone here. Way too much cushion and doesn’t use the side-line to help him here. Looked lost here and it was a free TD on the fade as he was just outclassed here 1 on 1. S5
+1 Very good press technique this time by Castillo. Gets a jam and goes into man turn and gets his head around after disrupting the WR's release and stayed right in his pocket. Excellent job of using the sideline as his friend this time. S10
-1 Didn’t get a jam at the line and was trailing immediately on the fade. The WR tipped his hand by looking back pretty early for the back shoulder throw and Castillo didn’t pick up on it and it’s an easy TD. Got physically overmatched and didn’t use very good technique here. S12

Overall: -1

-1 Poor job coming up to stop the QB draw, didn’t close the gap quick enough and then got flat footed and just stood there as Jantz breezed by to pick up the first down. S1
+1 Nice job on the blitz here getting in the backfield and making a TFL on the designed QB draw. S12 

Overall: Push

Linebacker Notes: ISU

Both Nielsen and Morris struggled in this game. Both missed some tackles which is out of character for them. Nielsen tweaked an ankle early and it clearly affected his play in this one. I noted him moving gingerly on it at times between plays and he lost that athleticism and explosiveness that makes him effective. Hopefully he shakes it off quickly and gets himself healthy fast. Morris had troubles finding the ball at times on ISU's zone read runs, especially in the inverted wishbone look. Morris has solid range but he needs to make quick decisive reads to be able to go side-line to side-line. Bad reads/positioning led to most of his missed tackles as well. He should take some valuable lessons away from this one.

This was the one of best, if not the best, individual performance I've graded for an Iowa LB in the last two years. Kirksey was everywhere during this game. He really only made two mis-steps that I caught and one of them was getting beat by a WR on a slant, which I don't really consider a big deal due to it being a mis-match. The other poor play was being too slow to read the run and getting eaten up by OL on a run. Other than that he was lights out. Played the run very well and lead the team in tackles. Did his fair share in both zone and man coverage and was very effective blitzing as he tallied a sack and drew a holding call. He also forced a fumble as he whacked an ISU receiver coming over the middle. Kirksey was the lone bright spot for a defense that gave up 44 points and 473 total yards in this one.

-1 Just got buried here after losing contain on the run play. Gave up contain and then got pancaked. S4
+1 Alertly falls on the Fumble S4
-1 Very poor tackle here as he just doesn’t wrap up and the back pinballs off him for a gain of 7 or 8. S10
-1 Not a good work on the blitz here. Tipped his hand very early and allowed ISU to audible to a slant where he was vacating. To top it off he hesitated on his rush and all he had between him and the QB was a 185lb RB. Very poor effort here and needs disrupt this play. Injury may have effected him here but it looked bad either way. S10

Overall: -2

-1 Slow to react on the quick inside screen and then takes a bad angle and misses the tackle. S1
-1 Missed the tackle on shuffle pass here as he got caught flat footed. S6
-1 Very slow to read here and he’s still flat footed as the G comes out and keeps him well away from the play S7
+1 Nice job attacking outside shoulder of blocker and forces his man to commit the holding penalty here. Nice work S7
+1 Great job chasing down the back here as makes a big play to start the drive. S11

Overall: -1

+1 Excellent job on the run blitz as he fires up the A gap and makes the stop on 3rd down.S2
+1 Big hit on Jantz for a sack, was a late breaking blitz, but showed great closing speed as he whacks Jantz. Give credit to Binns for coming hard from the outside and forcing Jantz to step up in the sack as well. S3
+1 Great job playing run by Kirksey, read play and smoothly closed and delivered a bit hit. S7
+2 Great hit on WR over the middle and then recovers the fumble Great job peaking the route on the way to his zone. Perfectly timed and put a shot into’m. S7
+1 Great job reading the run and takes a good angle and makes the play in the backfield S10
+1 Great blitz by Kirksey again as he disrupts timing while drawing a hold this time. S11
+1 Great job defending on the slant vs a WR. Shows quick feet and bats the ball away. Great play in the red zone. S11
-1 Slow to read and react and the guard gets out to him and drives him 10 yards downfield. Needs to read quicker than this. S12

Overall: +7

-1 Put his head down on the run play and misses the tackle. S1

Overall: -1

Defensive Line Notes: ISU

Very rough day for the defensive line as a unit. Pretty average against the run and very poor job rushing the passer.  Double digit plays where Jantz had all day to throw. Multiple times he had 6+ seconds without leaving the pocket and Jantz repeatedly easily dodged Iowa's tired and lethargic defenders.

Iowa needs to find some solutions up front to create more pressure. With out the threat of pressure it makes it tough to effectively contain mobile QB's and get 3 and outs. All these long drives they're giving up just knock the wind out of their DL. They need to figure out some ways to shorten drives and a lot of the issues they have go away. On any given play 1 or 2 guys generating a push isnt' going to get it done. They need all four guys threatening the pocket and forcing the QB to move his feet.

Of the unit I thought Daniels, Binns, and Nardo had better days than the rest. Each of these guys made mistakes but played reasonably well. Iowa really needs Daniels to start finishing some more plays. He consistently gets great penetration but through two games has left some sacks and TFL on the field. Needs to turn this around before it becomes a trend. Binn's is playing solid responsibility football out there most of the time but isn't a guy thats going to take over games. He missed some opportunities for sacks in this one as well and he really needs to step up and finish plays when he gets his chances in the backfield.

Nardo outplayed Alvis out there in my eyes and looks like he's a smart player with enough athletic ability to be a productive. Alvis looked like his size really hurt him against ISU's bigger guys up front. He struggled to get anything done out there in this one. Got a very limited look at Carl Davis out there as well. Very few snaps but he appeared to be fairly quick for his size. Have to see more of him to know if he'll be an impact guy.

I'm not sure what was going on with Lebron Daniel out there. He was completely and utterly inactive at times and did little to help his team out there. Behind him is Bigach who looks decent one play and then makes a big mistake on the next. Not a guy that can play a lot of solid downs for this unit and may be limited to spot duty. Iowa has some searching for options to do here.

One suggestion that I've got(which Iowa will never do) is in obvious passing situations take guy from the front four out and replace him with a DB(Bernstine, Miller). Go with a 3 man front and use 1 or more LBers as stand up pass rushers. Not only does that give you better match ups in coverage but it makes it difficult for the QB to know where the rush will come from. Another option I like is to put Nielsen up on the LOS as a DE. Nielsen has decent size with long arms  and he could probably drop down to play some effective snaps at DE in passing situations as well.

+1 Great job picking up the loose ball in the back-field S1
+1 Great bull rush to get into backfield and then gets his hands up to bat down the ball S3
-1 Misses the sack on Jantz here and this was just sloppy play. Had him dead to rights but stopped his feet and didn't finish the sack. S6
+1 Binns Great job bull rushing his guy and disrupting Jantz and ends up making the tackle downfield on the scramble as well. If anyone else had made a play this would have stopped the drive. S10

Overall: +2

+1 Great job getting penetration on 3rd and short and he makes the stop to force a punt. S2
-1 Gets flagged for an illegal hands to the face. Pretty obvious call here. S4
+1 Nice work here closing down the QB draw S6
+1 Great pursuit down the line and whacks the ball carrier for a short loss. Great play. S9
+1 Great arm-over here as he comes free and forces a very quick throw. Nice technique here. S10
-1 Blows through the line on this play and should have dropped Jantz for a sack but inexplicably just stops and doesn’t finish him and Jantz wheels away and goes and completes this for a TD. Looks like he thought Jantz had already thrown the ball but you gotta be sure in a game like this. S11

Overall: +2

-1 Very poor job here against the double team in his pass rush as he just ping pongs from one to the other and ends up a few yards down field. Very poor effort here.Needs to pick a move and go with it. S1
-1 Absolutely man handled 1 on 1 inside here and gets turned and pancaked by his guy. S1
+1 Nice job playing on the other side of the line here and forces the back insdie very quickly. S10
-1 Very slow to find the ball here and lets the back run right by him in his gap. S12

Overall: -2

-1 Totally glued to the OT for a full 6 seconds. Unacceptable to be stuck to your guy this long while the QB is still in the pocket. S6
-1 Looks like he’s super glued to Osemele again here on the outside. As Binns and Daniels break down the pocket he’s still completely unable to disengage and help make a play. Just unacceptable to be this inactive out there. S10
-1 Extremely poor technqiue on the outside here as he has all kinds of space to work in or out but ends up just hugging his guy again as he plays too high and doesn't use hands to disengage. S11
-1 Flat out unable to make a play as Jantz scrambles. Had the angle but totally unable to use it. Iowa is in man coverage downfield and no one is going to be able to fill. Needs to suck it up and make a play here. S12
-1 Got absolutely destroyed by his guy on this run play. Knocked back 5 yards and gets pushed into his own guys. Unacceptable. S13

Overall: -5

+1 Nardo Great job tackling the ball as he forces a big fumble in the red zone. S4 
-1 Lost control of his gap in the running lane here. Ends up going for an easy first down S10
+1 Nardo Got his hands up in passing lane and deflects a would be TD pass. S11

Overall:  +1

+1 Great job getting into the back field and disrupting the shuffle pass. S11
-1 Very poor angle chasing the QB here as he had'm on the run and he should have gotten a sack here.
-1 Got down way too far inside on this play and isn't doing his job. Needs to stay in his area and control his gap/responsibility. Jantz ends up scrambling all the way back around and throwing another TD. S11

Overall: -1 

+1 Bigach Nice job drawing the hold here as he started to slip away from his man and nearly made the play but drew the holding flag. S6
-1 Bigach No idea what he’s doing here. He crashed inside and never even looked at the mesh point on the zone read. He didn’t even go to the QB here, just ran inside where no one was. Ends up a gain of 9. S10

Overall: Push


Overall: Push

Offensive Line Notes: ISU

As a unit this group had an above average day. Some break downs here and there but mostly they got to their assignments. The interior struggled in pass protection more than you'd like to see and at times looked confused about who was doubling who in pass protection.

As a unit on run plays they did a solid job. Lots of bodies on the ground but they didn't get out to LB's as often as they needed. Interior guys got bogged down on combo blocks and struggled through traffic on their way to the second level. Credit ISU's interior guys for some of it and poor technique and angles by Iowa's guys for some of it. ISU also pretty consistently brought an 8th man into the box along with having their corners filling hard off the edges.

Ferentz didn't have a great game out there and lost his base a number of times. Lack of size still clearly an issue at times. Looks much better in pass protection than he did last year. Physical blocker who once he locks onto his guy rarely losses him, but needs to be more consistent getting to his assignment.

Tobin really struggled in pass protection at times, especially when had to operate in a lot of space vs smaller quicker guys. Doesn't appear to have very good foot and gets caught leaning and lunging a lot. Second week his pass protection has looked sloppy. Run blocking was fairly good, but room for improvement there as well.

Gettis has definitely raised his level of play this year but still struggles to get out to LB's at times. Will get caught up on the combo block or take a poor angle at times.  Doesn't have great size and tends to use momentum off the line to generate a pop on run blocks and it will cost him occasionally when he plays too high.

A pretty impressive day from Iowa's tackles this week. Few mistakes and a lot of good physical play from both guys. Reiff continues to impress with his abilities and looks worthy of the mid-first round grade I've got on him. Dominating run blocking from Reiff in this one as he's just bigger faster guy than his competition. Looks better cut blocking this year so far as well. Zusevics is less dominating than his counterpart but Zusevics is still a very solid lineman worthy of a mid round grade at this point.

+1 Great job getting to the LB in space here as he finds the LB and shoves him 5+ yards out of the play. D1 Play 6
+1 Great job maintaining contact on his down block and he blocks his guy up to the whistle. D3 Play 1
+1 Easily handles his man in pass protection and gives JVB all day in the pocket. D5 Play 6
-1 Poor job handling blitzer who looped around to the outside. Doesn’t allow him to get a sack but he compresses the pocket. Needs a better effort here and he certainly has the ability to do it. D8 Play 6
+1 Effortless pass blocking out in space vs the smaller quicker defender. D9 Play 2
+1 Textbook backside cut block on the zone run here. D10 Play 3
+1 Nice job getting down to the LB and staying on him up to the whistle D12 Play 2

Overall: +5

+1 Great job extending arms on run block and finishes by putting his guy on the ground. D1 Play 6
+1 Solid Cut block on the MLB here and keeps him off Coker for a big run. D1 Play 10
+1 Excellent cut block on the DT that opens up the middle seam for Coker. D2 Play 3
-1 Lost control of the DE stunting inside and gave up a sack. Got beat by smaller guy in space when Iowa had a WR open at the sticks, but Tobin lost his guy and JVB to pull it down. D3 Play 3
+1 Great job on the combo block and then getting to the LB to finish the play. Solid gain on 1st down. D4 Play 1
-1 Lunged in pass protection here and totally misses his guy. Ends up allowing pressure to flush JVB out of the pocket. D5 Play 2
-1 Late getting to the LB here and he totally misses the block and his man makes the hit for no gain. D8 Play 5
-1 Very poor effort in pass protection here as he lunges and gives up his half off the double team on the DT. D9 Play 2

Overall: Push

-1 Fell down before he could block anyone. Not a good start to the game. D1 Play 1
-1 Blew his assignment as he overran the MLB and he whiffs on him. Guy ends up making the play on an otherwise perfectly blocked play. D1 Play 6
+1 Nice job squashing the LB here as he gets out quickly off the combo block and gets a body on him and finishes the play with his guy on the ground. D2 Play 6
-1 Fell down here and ended up tangling up his FB here too who was trying to get out to a LB.  D5 Play 1
+1 Very good job bailing out Tobin here as he hustles back to Tobins' side preventing a sure sack and cuts the DT down after he thought he had a free run at JVB D9 Play 2
+1 Very solid reach block here as he washes his guy out of the play and opens a seam. D10 Play 5
+1 Key cut block on the MLB on the goal-line goal carry. Nicely timed and allowed Coker to get squared up in the hole and score. D12 Play 5

Overall: +1

+1 Got out the LB very quickly and made him commit and Coker cuts off the block. Good low hard fire out there. D1 Play 10
+1 Good job on his block here as he bullies the DT all the way down inside and away from the hole. D2 Play 2
-1 Very poor job in pass protection here as Iowa goes empty set. Doesn’t even slow up his DT and just got stone footed here. D8 Play 6
-1 Didn’t get off the ball quick enough here and couldn’t get to the MLB who goes unblocked and breaks up an otherwise well blocked play. Washes down to the WLB but pretty clearly missed his man here. D9 Play 1
+1 Excellent job getting off the ball quickly and taking the POA linebacker out of the play. D10 Play 3
+1 Nice job on his reach block here on the goal-line play as he gets his head across and puts his guy on the ground. Solid play here D12 Play 5
-1 Missed the MLB here and allowed him into the hole and he breaks up the running play. D13 Play 1

Overall: +1

+1 Great down block here as he shoves his guy way out of the play and opens the cut back lane D2 Play 5
+1 Easily wins in pass pro here and a great job of sinking his hips and controlling the DE. D3 Play 3
-1 Missed his cut block on the DE here D9 Play 3
+1 Great pass blocking here as he eats the DE up and allows no push at all. D10 Play 2
+1 Great job hooking the blitzing LB on the goal-line carry. D10 Play 11
+1 Excellent job picking up the blitzing LB here as he quickly adjusts and then pops him as he tries to fly by putting him on the ground opening up the cut back lane. Nice play. D12 Play 4

Overall: +4

Skill Position Notes: ISU

Despite the 140 yards and two TD's Coker didn't have a dominant game by any means. He fumbled again this week and too often looked pensive and hesitant. While a few times he showed good patience and then hit the hole decisively; he got caught by backside pursuit and struggled to get up the seam too often. Coker isn't a guy with much lateral agility or wiggle in his game. He's a one cut runner and needs time to build up speed. He looks great when he's got a straight ahead crease but he starts to struggle when he doesn't have a clear hole and changes directions multiple times to get into the hole. He excels at finish runs falling forward after contact but really needs to figure out how win against unblocked guys challenging him early on plays. With the way Iowa's scheme works safties, corners and occasionally LB's will get free runs at him. Last year he showed an effective stiff arm at times and he would really benefit from developing a spin move as well. Would like to see him get his feet up more as well. Appears to be still learning how to get behind his pads while moving downhill.

A better performance for Gimm this week. Wasn't overly consistent but looked better out there this week. Haven't seen him blow guys out of the water as some previous Iowa FB's have done, but he showed improvment from last week. Doesn't appear to be much of a receiving threat either and I'd look for Iowa to continue the use plenty of 2TE sets.

The WR group had a soild day posting 2 TD's and picking up a lot of YAC. Both Davis and McNutt use their big frames well after the catch and going to be tough for DB's to bring down. KMM looked fairly good this week in his limited opportunities and should have earned more touches with his play this week. He did look a little sloppy on a few routes but something that should be correctable.

The match up between Lenard Johnson(#23) and McNutt was interesting to watch. I didn't break down every play of their match ups but it appeared to be a pretty even battle. McNutt shook him a few times in man coverage(even if the ball wasn't thrown his way) and Johnson blanketed him a couple of times. I was pretty impressed with Johnson as an overall football player. He was never out of position and tackled very well. Johnson is a guy that I had previously considered a later round prospect, but he looked like a guy who should have a 3rd or 4th round grade on him. Have to see more film on him to make a better assessment.

Herman's hallmark last year was his excellent blocking and it appears that's still his strength. He's a functional target in the passing game, but his blocking is impressive. CJF looks like a guy teams should be worried about in the passing game. He's not overly fast but he's quick for his size and is a giant target. A bit surprised Iowa only went to him one time during this game. He's improving as a blocker but still needs to work at playing lower and becoming a more consistent inline blocker.

+1 Good downhill running there and he followed his blocks very well. As fast as I’ve seen him hit a hole this season. D1 Play 10
-1 Arms need to be tighter on that football as he doesn’t run to space and initiates contact and puts the ball on the ground. Was a pretty good hit by Johnson though. D4 Play 2
+1 Excellent Cut back here as he shows patience in the hole and pops it hard through the seam after it opens up.  D10 Play 3
+1 Nice patience here as he waits for the cut-back to open up and squares his shoulders and runs behind his pads. Excellent run. D12 Play 4

Overall: +2

+1 Very good job here on the zone lead play taking the first man to show. A blitzing LB fired in the gap and he sealed him and allowed Coker to pick up solid yardage. D3 Play 1

Overall: +1

-1 False Start D1 Play 12
-0 Looked close to a drop by Herman but he got popped pretty good by the safety who jumped the route. D2 Play 9
+1 Nice job washing the DE down inside here on the zone cutback play. D5 Play 4
+1 Just mauls the DE here as he drives him 6-7 yards downfield and puts him on the ground. Great block. D10 Play 5
+1 Great drive block here as he opens a gaping hole for Coker to go into the end zone untouched. D10 Play 11
-1 False Start  D11 Play 2

Overall: +1

+1 Great footwork on the sideline as he comes down with the big catch on first down. D2 Play 1
-1 Flat out missed the DE here as just got beat back inside on the stretch play and his guy broke up the play D3 Play 2
+1 Great blitz pickup here as he picks up the free man and allows JVB time. D8 Play 2
+1 Good job getting out the LB here as he shoves him well out of the seam and allows Coker up into the hole. D12 Play 3

Overall: +2

+1 Turns a routine 5 yard hitch into a first down with YAC ability. Good power to just run through smaller DB. D1 Play 5
-1 False start D8 Play 1
+1 Well run route here as he runs the 10 yard curl and works his way into the hole in the coverage and snatches the ball nicely here and picks up a few extra yards. D10 Play 1
+1 Great YAC ability on display here again as he slips by the underneath defender and catches it in stride and takes it down inside the 5. D10 Play 9

Overall: +2
+1 Excellent body control and attacks the ball on the fade. Doesn’t hesitate and secures the football as he goes to the ground. Nice play. D1 Play 3
+1 Very nice job turning the short completion into a first down with his athletic ability and size. D7 Play 1
+1 Nice job feeling his way into the niche of the zone here and catches this ball in stride and makes a play after the catch. D8 Play 2
+1 Excellent deep curl route as he slides further inside to find some open ground. Very quick break here as he beat man coverage easily here. Great YAC after the catch and finished the play. D13 Play 3
-1 Drops the pass over the middle here. Was pretty clearly thinking about running before he secured the football D14 Play 3

Overall: +3

+1 Good sharp route here and a solid job of snatching it with his hands for the TD. D1 Play 12

Overall: +1